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Today’s world offer many opportunities for one to fill his leisure time, one of those is to gamble in online casinos. Every day millions of people enjoy gambling all around the world, from the spin of the roulette in Las Vegas to the role of the dice in every corner of China – gambling is inherited in us from the day we are born. It is not a “sin” to gamble, it’s as natural as our affection to art and music. But even so there some people who would probably accuse the gambling industry for causing much of the world’s sickness – gambling problems.

About 3% of the gambling populace suffers from gambling addiction of some level, which means that more than 7.6 million cannot help but to gamble. Until recently the blame landed in the gambling industry’s yard. They were accused for tempting regular people into the “Gambling Sin Circle”, this conception was common among most of the public. But now, a new research from Cambridge University proves for the first time that some people are born with a tendency for addiction. This new research explains that people and belong to that certain group are likely to develop an addiction. This means that the old conception was simply wrong and one cannot accuse online casinos or land based casinos for gambling problems – they might be handing the gun, but they don’t squeeze the trigger.

For Molly McPherson a new conception was all she needed to know. When molly was 27 she developed an addiction to slot machines, after more than two years of intense gambling in online casinos she lost all of her money, and all that time she couldn’t understand why she was forced, against her own will, to continue.

“When I first heard of this research I immediately called Dr. Sternson, who conducted the research in Cambridge University, and I asked him to examine me to see if I’m one of those people who are inclined to develop a gambling problem. Before we met I used to go to group session of gamblers but I never got a real answer for why am I gambling so much without caring, but after I met Dr Sternson I had an answer, it became logic and my problem soon drifted away from my gambling problem.”

Molly is one of many who suffer from all kinds of addictions, but now, with the help of this research, gamblers could diagnose their condition and get more than just treatment – now they can have explanations for their gambling problems. We can only hope that in the future casinos would be blamed for other’s malfunctions.

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